Terenia Lukasiewicz
Head Swingcopater

Terenia is not only a swing dance teacher, but an all-round vintage enthusiast. Growing up in a tiny village upon Lake Constance, she did not have many opportunities to follow her passion. Seeking for input, she ended up spending several years in various countries. Wherever she went, swing dancing enabled her to connect with the people around her. Today, her mission is to share her love for the music, dance and culture of the swing era. To provide others with opportunities she did not have herself, Terenia draws inspiration from her international experience.

Nina Rüetschi
Head Swingcopater

Nina took her first Jazz Dance class at the tender age of 7. Longing for more, she later joined a teenage Street Dance performance group, until she stumbled upon Lindy Hop in 2013, and finally Boogie Woogie in 2015. Ever since, her life would be unimaginable without that bounce! Over the years, she acquired a broad knowledge on the many facets of swing dancing which she loves to share with her students. Aside from teaching, Nina can be seen competing in Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie throughout the continent, regularly making finals.

We are regularly looking for experienced dancers to work with us in a residency format. We offer an established network of weekly classes as well as various opportunities for additional gigs. Apart from an outgoing, flexible personality with a pinch of humour your profile should include:

- Proficient skills in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Balboa
- Knowledge of further styles favourable
- Extensive teaching experience with class levels from Beg to Adv

Is this you? Get in touch for more information!