Andreas Anagnostou Guest Swingcopater

Dances: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz 
Languages:  Greek, English
Residence:11. November - 22. December 2019

«What I love about swing dancing is holding your partner in close embrace and exploring together the infinite ways of grooving as one body. Trying to pass on this huge legacy of joy as a teacher, I found out that in order to make a dance figure understood to a student, somehow the exact same words seem to apply to and improve quality of life. »


Andreas grew up in a small town named Arta. The community was small and far from open minded. While studying at University of Pharmacy in Thessaloniki, he met Swing Dancing in a small collectiva where one can learn many things, from making beer to reading poetry, or anything really, you name it. Being passionate about japanese cartouns aka anime his whole life, he wanted to learn how to speak Japanese. While planning to attend a Japanese class in this cultural center, little did he know of what the universe had planned for him…Well, he never actually went to a Japanese class, but that is where he met Swing, which from that point onward drew almost all of his attention, time and energy and helped him become overall a better person.



Finalist Lindy Hop M&M
Finalist Lindy Hop Strictly  
bEkrr1R4mcpb1uH Orient Lindy Express (TUR)

Finalist Lindy Hop Competition
bEkrr1R4mcpb1uH Herräng Dance Camp (SWE)

Finalist Solo Jazz Competition
bEkrr1R4mcpb1uH Athens Rhythm Hop (GRE) 


Finalist Lindy Hop M&M
bEkrr1R4mcpb1uH Sofia Swing Dance Festival (BG)

2nd Place Lindy Hop J'n'J
bEkrr1R4mcpb1uH Rock That Swing (DE) 


1st Place Lindy Hop J'n'J
bEkrr1R4mcpb1uH Sofia Swing Dance Festival (BG)

2nd Place Lindy Hop J'n'J 

bEkrr1R4mcpb1uHAthens Rhythm Hop(GRE)

International Engagements

2019   Swingcopate! (CH)
Guest Teacher