Terenia Wälti Head Swingcopater

Dances: Balboa, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Tap dance
Languages:  German, English, French, Polish
Contact: tereniaDFu8Hvt23DruJ19swingcopate.ch

«I love becoming one both with the music and my dance partner while creating something new, wonderful and unique in every dance. Completely without words. »


Terenia is not only a swing dance teacher, but an all-round vintage enthusiast. Growing up in a tiny village upon Lake Constance, she did not have many opportunities to follow her passion. Seeking for input, she ended up spending several years abroad, in England, France, Germany and Poland. Wherever she went, swing dancing enabled her to connect with the people around her. Today, her mission is to share her love for the music, dance and culture of the swing era. To provide others with opportunities she did not have herself, Terenia draws inspiration from her international experience.


2019   Finalist Balboa Switch M & M
DFu8Hvt23DruJ19 Balboa Castle Camp


Finalist Lindy Hop J'n'J
DFu8Hvt23DruJ19 Helswingi (FI)

1st Place Lindy Hop J'n'J
DFu8Hvt23DruJ19 Stir It! (CH)

International Engagements

2019   Swing ohne Senf (CH)
Event Host & Emcee

2018 Swing ohne Senf (CH)
Event Host & Emcee

Tanzschule Shim Sham
Development, course organisation & event management