Where can I start?

Let us take you through the swing dance basics step by step in one of our beginner classes. Here is our current course program .

If you would like to try out swing dancing before taking a full course we recommend joining a crash course at the next swing dance party in your area. Not only will you learn some cool moves to keep you dancing for the whole night, but you will also experience the contagious joy of social dancing! Check out lindyhop.ch for upcoming events in your area.

What should I wear?

When dancing the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Flat shoes with a smooth sole, stretchy pants, and a T-shirt are just fine. If you sweat a lot it is advisable to bring an extra t-shirt and/or a small towel. Please take care of personal hygiene as well, such as deodorant and fresh breath.

You can dress as you like for social dances. However, it's also a great opportunity to take your vintage gear out of the closet and dress up. Many dancers like to wear fancy pants, a pretty dress, or even a suit. Add a bowtie around your neck or a flower in your hair, and you're ready to party like it's 1929!

When am I ready for my first swing dance party?

In the 1930s there were no swing dance classes. If someone wanted to learn the Lindy Hop, they went to one of the many dance halls in the evening and tried to copy the other dancers. It could well happen that a new move was created ... Almost 100 years later this still works! You can go to a dance event anytime, anywhere (there is always someone who will be happy to show you one or two moves, if you ask nicely). Often there is a crash course before at the beginning of the event, so nothing stands in your way to a successful night out dancing. What are you still waiting for?

Do I need a dance partner?

For the course registration you do not need a dance partner. Swing dances are social dances, usually everyone dances with everyone. Part of this tradition is changing partners during class. This will improve your dancing skills and flexibility, plus you get to dance with everybody.

Changing partners?
How does this work?

During class we usually change the partners 1 to 2 times per song. In this way we practice and fine-tune our techniques for leading and following because each partner feels a little different.

At dance parties it is custom to dance 1 - 2 songs with the same partner. Dare to ask someone actively for a dance at your next social - it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a gal!

What does Ambi mean?

"Ambi" stems from the Latin word ambo and means "both". In our Ambi dance classes this means that each participant learns both dance roles. In each lesson the roles are switched so you can deepen your skills from two perspectives.

I signed up for a course / workshop and can not attend ...

In order for us to be able to run our events we depend on reliable numbers of participants. The registrations are therefore binding. Less than 10 days before the start date we can not allow cancellations, not even in case of illness. However, you can transfer your spot to a substitute. For this you have to tell us the name and e-mail of the substitute person; after their successful registration your spot will be transferred and you will receive a confirmation from us.

Do courses take place during school holidays?

Our courses do take place during school holidays. Swingcopate! goes on break in summer (July-August) and winter (3 weeks over Christmas / New Years). There are no classes on public holidays.